Pisa every year attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world thanks to one of the most beautiful square in the world, the amazing Piazza dei Miracoli – UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square contains four different amazing building such as the Leading Tower, The Battistero, The Duomo and The Camposanto that are worth visiting.

Pisa has been one the four Repubbliche Marinare of Italy, in fact in the past centuries with Venice, Amalfi and Genova has long disputed the commercial supremacy on the Mediterranean area. Pisa is born and raised along the Arno. The inlets of the river make suggestive view especially at the sunset when the yellow light of the sun coming from the sea give everything an impressive and sharpen atmosphere. This special view can be seen both from the five bridges crossing the Arno rivers or from tour boats.

piazza-dei-cavalieri-pisa-bed-breakfat-il-ramaiolo-1Pisa is the city of Galileo Galilei, the famous scientist father of the theory of the planetary revolution. The main international airport is dedicated to Galilei and in 2009 was celebrated the fourth centenary of the first astronomical observations. Pisa today is a city of research center and university studies, with the presence of institutions of excellence nationally and internationally: the Scuola Normale Superiore in Piazza dei Cavalieri in the enchanting, and the School of Advanced Studies and Specialization Sant’Anna in the beautiful Piazza dei Martiri della libertà. Pisa has also one of the most important head office of theNational Research Council in Italy.

Pisa-Toscana-bed-and-breakfastPisa is only few minutes far from the sea and has a coastline surrounded by the Regional Natural Park of Migliarino San Rossore where is possible to organize trekking activities and bird watching tours. In just a few miles the suburbs ofMarina di Pisa, Tirrenia and Calambrone offer visitors three different types of bathing offer.

Every year on June Pisa celebrates the patron Saint Ranieri with a lot of events and folklore. One of the most important events that take places in this month are the Gioco del Ponte, an historical celebration of battles between the northern and southern part of city. The second main event is the Luminaria, when all the lights of the cities are turned off and the houses on the two sides of the river are lit with small candles placed on frames that follow the outlines of decks and windows of the buildings.

Corso Italia and Borgo Stretto are the shopping streets of the city maintaining their identity from the medieval flavour. Walking these streets you can discover corners and highly evocative squares, churches of ancient beauty, restaurants based on traditional Tuscan cuisine.

lungarno-pisa-bed-breakfat-il-ramaiolo-1Pisa, during the Roman Empire was on the cost, and today the trace of this ancient past could be found at the Museum of Roman Ships. Just outside the city centre, some years ago, several Roman wooden ships with archaeological relevance have been discovered during some street works and now they could be seen in the museum.

Thanks to the renovation of the ancient walls surrounding the city, now is possible to have a walk viewing the city from this extraordinary point of view.

The glorious past of Pisa left a lot of other important spot to see, not only in the centre but also in the suburbs just outside the city. In the suburb of San Giuliano the ancient thermae of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany (Pure hot spring waters at 38° C) live today in a luxury hot spring spa.

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